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    WFIO - beyond the frontlines

    WFIO Media Group is a global television broadcasting network, newswire, and photo agency focused on delivering exclusive front line news content to media outlets worldwide. WFIO Media Group, which includes WFIO-TV, WFIO-News, and WFIO-Online, operates ten global broadcasting stations, eight technical websites, seven print publications, and our prominent newswire delivering frontline news reports, broadcasting content and photographic assets to television, print, and news agencies worldwide.

event specials

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    Spotlight: Summer Music Festivals

    From Lollapalooza to Leefest, we cover the worlds top music festivals providing video, photos, articles, and news reports through our broadcast stations and newswire feed.

Sport focus

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    Spotlight: Extreme Sports

    From news coverage to premier photo and video assets, throughout 2016 we are covering the latest in action sports including bike, snow, surf, skate and more.

beyond the frontlines

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    Syria, a difficult war to cover

    While our team has covered hundreds of conflicts over the past couple of decades, the Syrian war is unlike any other with difficult access and beyond dangerous conditions.

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